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  100% Waterproof Cases FAQ's

Is the case completly waterproof
YES – When properly assembled your Waterproof case is 100% waterproof and will perform flawlessly in any wet environment, from hanging in the pool to boating on the lake. However, it is important to be reasonable in how you utilize this case to protect your phone from water. It is not recommended for extended periods of submersion for activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, or surfing. To avoid disappointment, we advise you to use your Waterproof case responsibly and avoid depths of more than 6ft underwater.

What makes your case better then the others on the market?
The main advantage, is that our cases are completely waterproof! We don’t just claim to be completely waterproof, take a look at our online video demo where we demonstrate the true capabilities. The case is completly sealed from the elements, so there is no way that water can enter. Yet you still have full function of the touchscreen and the speakers still remains loud & clear.

There are several other cases on the market, however most cost in excess of $80 and includes all the same features. So why pay more than 3 times our price, just to have a namebrand?

What functions of iPhone/Galaxy can I use while it's inside your case?
Our Waterproof case is designed to maintain the functionality of the iPhone/Galaxy through the fully covered case. You will be able to use the touchscreen, home, on/off, volume and ringer/silent features, make and receive phone calls, listen to music and take photos or videos even in the dark and charge your device when using the phon inside our waterproof case.


Are there any special Instructions?

Installation instructions and diagrams are included with every case.


What if my phone gets wet? Will you replace it?

When used properly your phone will remain completely dry. There are many ways for electronics to get wet and there is no way of knowing how anyone’s handset might have been damaged. Therefore, under no circumstances can we assume any responsibility for damged devices. Again under proper installation and use your device will remain completely dry.


Can I use a screen protector on my phone with the Waterproof case?

The case already protects the touchscreen while allowing full functionality. We do not advise that you use a screen protector as you will have better response from the touch screen if you use the case without an additional screen protector and some protectors may be too thick and affect the ability to seal or close the case.


Can I charge my phone while it's inside the Waterproof case? ?

Yes, the case features a charge door which allows you to easily charge your iPhone without taking it out from the case. (please note: some after market charges my be to large to fit through the charge door).


How can I tell that the Waterproof case is sealed properly?

The Waterproof case has a front and back peice, which snap very tightly together. Inspect the O-ring, and make sure there is not any small grains of sand or hair that might disrupt the seal of the case. Before using the Waterproof case for the first time, you should read and follow all instructions included in the Owner's Guide on how to install, operate and properly maintain your case.


What can I expect in terms of ringer and sound quality during a phone call?

Your phone will be completly enclosed inside a polycarbonate shell with thin membranes that allow the transfer of sound through the case. All voices should remain loud and clear, however you may notice a slight decrease in volume when compared to using no case, however this is very minimal. You can also make hands-free calls using a Bluetooth headset or use the inlcuded waterproof headphone adapter to connect other headsets.


Can this case be used to go underwater?
In short, yes, but it's NOT recommended. This Waterproof case is designed to save your phone from those rare circumstances where it gets splashed at the pool or dropped in a toilet. It is not made for underwater use. Although the case can protect your phone underwater, it is NOT recommended. The longer and deeper it is submerged the greater risk.



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